Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Studying - doing it wrong

Exam is 3 days apart and I can't still feel the stress, which is not normal, because I always stress out, and that can only mean something: I'm not going to do good ( hopefully not and the change means I have changed)

I can't seem to distance myself from some very addictive things that take up most of my time
There's facebook, blame it on technology I can access it everywhere. Wi-fi, smartphones, mobile internet, disappear from my life (or not :P)
Then there's iPhone and that means TEMPLE RUN 2!!! I keep killing the poor guy over and over again. I should become more human and just leave him live (until I finish my exam)
And last but not least: Instagram

Why do people keep coming up with this cool, addictive app-s? :P
Anyway, I should stop blaming it on others and put the blame on me

Enough said, I am off!!! Now I'll seriously focus and kick this exam's a** :P

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