Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Voice of Albania (The Show)

Remember how I got my hands on some tickets for the semifinals of The Voice here in my country and never made a post about that?
Well, I got lucky and happened to get 2 tickets for the finale too, even though they kept telling they were all sold out :( I'm sorry for all the people that actually wanted to attend the show and never did, anyway it was live on TV too, even though actually being there is a totally different experience

So season 2 is over, with Venera crowned the winner. And this year was over the top awesome, way better than the first Voice. And I was torn between Venera (the actual winner), Matej and Jozefina. But in the end I voted for Venera, her being the best singer

I got to meet Elton Deda, one of the best Albanian artists. :)
& some of the contestants too

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